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Pitango's Partners

Aaron Mankovski/Isaac Hillel/Nechemia (Chemi) J. Peres/Rami Kalish/

Building a big company is a big deal. It means pinning the map on the right geography, building a sales team, making sure the product fits the market needs and timeline, create partnerships and so much more is a daily thing.

After 20 years of entrepreneurship we are at the exciting era of scaling companies into Category Leaders. With 20 something years of experience in building companies, Israel has been transitioning from Startup Nation to Scale-up Nation and Israeli entrepreneurs have been garnering experience in building big companies.

We have always invested in Growth stage funding rounds; watching the industry evolve, we have decided to launch a dedicated Growth Stage Fund in late 2015.

We seek to partner with visionaries who have a passion to create the future and hit the tracks for the long-distance runs. If you are a company with a product that has been launched to the market, active customers and revenues around $10M and you are on your way to scale the compnay, Pitango Growth is the space where dreamers can dream big.

We’d love to partner with entrepreneurs who are in for the long run, share our experience and be part of their journeys growing their companies from $10M to $100M and beyond.