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What stages of companies are you interested in?

Of course.

We begin with the end in mind. If you are aiming to build a category leader with a unique vision, have a strong product offering, and an exceptional team - we’re interested in talking. Pitango will explore investments at any stage, regardless of the amount being raised.

Will you invest in seed companies?

Of course. We have invested in dozens of seed projects throughout the years, some of them were started in our own office by Entrepreneurs in Residence and Venture Partners. Consider us a garage with amazing sea view.

Will you invest small amounts as seed investments?

Yes. We assume that along the way the company will need more funding, especially when it’s reached hockey stick hyper-growth, and as such we reserve funds in order to support the company with further investments at a later stage.

Will you invest in 1st time entrepreneurs?

Absolutely. Some of the world’s greatest companies were created by 1st time entrepreneurs and so have some of our most notable portfolios.

Do you sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s)? If not, how can I be sure you won't steal my idea?

We do not sign NDA’s.
VC’s would rarely sign and NDA and Brad Feld’s blogpost does explain it best: Why Most VC’s Don’t Sign NDAs.

We do handle all information sent to us with strict confidentiality. If you are concerned, then simply don't include confidential information when sending us a business plan. Should we engage in a due diligence process, we will work with you to ensure strict confidentiality is maintained.

Do I have to submit a full business plan?

We prefer a comprehensive deck and, more importantly, that you have thought through your deck with as much detail as much as possible. The pitch deck is better for us to evaluate if your venture fits our areas of investment interest.

Do you sit on the Board of Directors of the companies you invest in?

Yes, we do. We like being involved and actively help our entrepreneurs build their companies.

How long before I will hear back from you? Will someone call me?

We screen thousands of investment opportunities a year and meet some 1200 entrepreneurs and their ideas. With that said, we do try to be as responsive as possible.

How do I approach you?

The best way to approach us is via referral through our vast network of friends and colleagues at Pitango.
However, if you don’t know someone that can introduce you, we would love to hear from you via our contact form (hyperlink)

What should I prepare for the 1st meeting

The first meeting is typically an hour, where you'll present a deck and we will ping-pong with questions that will help us better understand your idea, vision and plans.
We come with an open mind, and it's great when when you are too.

What area do you invest in?

While our portfolio is mostly comprised of Enterprise Software, Mobile, consumer, Hardware, Storage, Cyber and Healthcare, it’s from entrepreneurs that we learn what’s next. If your idea is awesomely different, don’t hesitate to knock on our door.

What makes you choose one founding team over another

Frankly, it’s the human factor that makes a huge difference, the founding team’s qualities, trail blazing personas, obstacle tackling tactics, brick wall climbing technics. We want to ensure they are genuine, have a real potential to endure the entrepreneurial rollercoaster and how good decision makers they are. And then we want to be blown away by the product and market opportunity too, of course.
That leads us to that ‘je ne sais quoi’ thing, the intangible trait that catches our eye: if you’re an exceptional story teller, it says a lot about you, your ability to build a narrative for your company and drive your team forward.

Do you invest in companies outside of Israel?

The vast majority of our portfolio companies is Israeli. Every once in a while we come across an exceptional opportunity abroad and take it.