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Pitango's Partners

Ayal Itzkovitz /Eyal Niv/Ittai Harel/Guy Ezekiel, M.D./

If you ever wondered, we are interested in your idea from as early as you can imagine. Sketchboard? Bring it on. Primary Deck? Absolutely. A few months into bootstrapping? We're in. Just about to raise an A round? We're listening. You got it, the earlier the better. 

Our Early Stage team knows what it takes to build a company from the ground up, from an idea, to product, to building team and burn the midnight oil on Go-To-Market strategy. They have been in the trenches, built management teams and recruited abroad, they know firsthand the rollercoaster that is building a startup, and they built big companies that were acquired by global strategic players.

We are here to help drive your dream home, harness our experience and global network to help you build strong and scale fast, so you can turn your vision into a reality.