Your Guide To The World of
Sustainability & Impact

Supporting you every step of the way

We know the world of ESG can feel overwhelming to those just starting out. Our hub is a practical guide to ESG and Impact, specifically designed for startups of all sizes with all relevant information and resources, guides and examples provided free of charge from Pitango. We are committed to the transition of the Israeli ecosystem towards global standards, ensuring Israeli companies are able to compete for customers on par with their global competitors. We encourage you to dive in!

As part of our commitment to supporting the Israeli and global high tech ecosystem, this resource is available to anyone for free. Click here to access the Notion guide.

What is it?

This living resource is specifically designed for startups of all sizes with relevant information and resources across areas of impact, sustainability, climate and climate-tech, responsible AI, environment and social. So whichever area speaks to you first, this guide will point you in the right direction!

Who can use it?

We've tailored the content to fit high tech companies of all sizes. Whether you're just ideating your startup or already have 400 employees, this guide is made for you.

Why do you need this?

1) Customer acquisition: International customers expect companies to adhere to global ESG standards.
2) Fundraising: International investors are committed to ESG standards.
3) Employer branding: Millennial & GenZ employees care about their employers' commitment to ESG.

What are good results?

At Pitango, we believe the companies applying high ESG standards such as diversity & inclusion, high governance and trust while also caring for our planet, will also be the most successful companies financially. All steps are welcome and will undoubtedly bring you value.

Our inaugural ESG & Impact report shows what we’ve achieved between 2020 and 2022, including insights into our methodologies and specific portfolio case studies from our companies Via,, Finout, AppsFlyer and Masterschool. Click here to download the report.