Voltaire designs and develops InfiniBand based connectivity solutions for data centers.

Voltaire’s interconnect solutions are the enabling networking technology for clusters and grids and interoperate with all of the necessary elements to make high performance grid computing possible. Based on InfiniBand infrastructure, Voltaire’s solutions enable high performance applications to run on industry standard servers and storage – the essence of grids.

Voltaire offers a complete family of interconnect solutions including InfiniBand switches, adapters, InfiniBand-to-IP routers, InfiniBand-to-Fibre Channel routers and software. For HPC customers, Voltaire has the largest capacity switching solutions and most robust and scalable software to enable clusters and grids of the highest size. For enterprise grid computing and database clustering, Voltaire offers the most comprehensive interconnect solutions that easily integrate with leading database and storage applications. Unlike Ethernet or proprietary networking technologies, Voltaire’s interconnect solutions offer unbeatable price performance, proven scalability and high performance connectivity to storage.