At Variantyx we’re changing the way genetic testing is performed.

Genetic disorders are caused by a wide variety of DNA changes. Multiple tests, each using a distinct technology, are traditionally required to get a complete picture of the DNA changes responsible for a patient’s symptoms.

Current methodologies biochemically extract a slice of a patient’s DNA and sequence it. The result is an overwhelming number of tests that are only capable of detecting very specific DNA changes. If the selected test returns a negative result, the process starts over again.

Our Genomic Unity® testing methodology combines sequencing of the patient’s entire DNA with computational filtering to flexibly isolate, based on a patient’s symptoms, the relevant regions for testing. As a result of this approach, we are able to identify all major types of DNA changes from a single sample. Test results are summarized in a single, comprehensive clinical report, providing much needed answers for patients sooner and at a lower overall cost.