Speedata’s Analytics Processing Unit (APU) was developed from the ground-up to optimize Big Data & Analytics workloads. Speedata delivers complete hardware and software solutions, with cutting-edge chip architecture to optimize performance efficiency and scale, providing seamless migration for a wide variety of software frameworks.

The result: an innovative, high-performance, scalable, extremely efficient technology for effective data processing, enabling businesses of all sizes to process unprecedented amounts of data.

Data is exploding, but to be utilized optimally, it must be captured, routed, stored, evaluated, and retrieved. General
purpose processors can no longer handle the vast amount of processing required in this age of Big Data, which is why dedicated accelerators will take their place.

Speedata’s datacenters must be reimagined in order to support such big data and data analytics, upgrading the efficiency, productivity, security, and cost-effectiveness of their operations. the company’s Analytics Processing Unit (APU) provides significant advances in processing performance, cost, power consumption and space, all at orders of magnitude.