Quantum computing promises to be the most profoundly world changing technology uncovered to date. With applications across climate, energy, healthcare, industry, high tech and government, quantum computing will tackle some of the most urgent practical challenges we face. The only outstanding question is how to realize this technology.

PsiQuantum was founded on the premise that if you want a useful quantum computer, you need fault tolerance and error correction, and therefore ~1,000,000 physical qubits– to address commercially useful quantum computing applications.

While there are many different approaches to building small numbers of qubits, the photonic approach taken by PsiQuantum has profound technical advantages at the scale required for error correction.

It has been the founders’ conviction since well before the founding of the company that in order to deliver millions of qubits on a practical timescale, it will be necessary to leverage the same advanced semiconductor manufacturing techniques that put a billion transistors in your cellphone. In partnership with our manufacturing partner, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, we are now able to access this incredible leverage.