Focal Energy

Focal Energy’s mission is to invest in, and manage a portfolio of income-generating assets in the clean energy and infrastructure sectors. Our initial geographic target is the country of India.

Our focus is clean power generation, particularly distributed and renewable energy. Distributed Energy refers to power plants that are closer to the point of consumption and are less dependent on the central grid for transmission. The renewable energy segments we target include Hydro, biomass and solar plants.

The ideal project size we seek is between 10MW and 50MW. A core element in our strategy is to develop and operate projects independently or partner with a credible local promoter or an international investor, with Focal in the lead, to develop and operate projects under Focal’s control.

Focal Energy develops and operates its projects in accordance with international standards, while implementing state of the art technologies and utilizing the expertise and knowhow of high end professionals in the field of renewable energy worldwide.