Founded in 2011, AppsFlyer is the leading mobile app tracking and attribution analytics platform that allows app developers, brands and ad agencies to manage, measure and optimize their entire mobile user acquisition process across all media sources including paid, organic, viral and social.

AppsFlyer is passionate about building the technology that will empower marketers to get the most out of their mobile campaigns, allowing them to work their magic to the fullest.

AppsFlyer’s NativeTrackTM technology provides a universal, independent authority that is integrated with more than 470 ad-networks and media sources, and is now measuring billions of mobile actions and analyzing the drivers of these actions and conversions.

As an official Facebook & Twitter Mobile Measurement Partner, AppsFlyer is a one stop shop for any mobile advertiser providing unbiased attribution, mobile campaign analytics, in-app user engagement, lifetime value analysis, ROI and retargeting.

AppsFlyer’s clients include Samsung, SEGA, Hipmunk, Foursquare, Baidu,, Autodesk and more