Community Ventures


We believe that businesses have a responsibility to give back to the communities in which they live and grow. Pitango’s community ventures give us the satisfaction of being part of making a difference and change the world a little for the better beyond the board room.

Here's a partial list of activities and organizations which are supported by Pitango team members:


Tmura - The Israeli Public Service Venture Fund is a non-profit organization, an "amuta," established by leading Israeli venture capital funds to involve the high-tech sector in supporting charitable activities. The model is simple: early-stage companies give Tmura a warrant, convertible (at exit) into a small portion of their equity. If the company succeeds, Tmura sells its shares and donates the proceeds to charities in Israel; the focus is on education and youth-related activities, and the companies can indicate which organizations they want to support.

Pitango, as well as several other leading venture capital funds, support Tmura's activities and encourage portfolio companies to make an equity donation to Tmura.

For more information, please contact:
Baruch Lipner, Tmura Executive Director
Tel: 972-3-607-4506
Tmura website:


ILSI is a non-profit registered corporation, representing the mutual goals of the Israeli life science community. Its mission is to research, develop and advocate policies and actions that promote medical device, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and Ag-Biotech in the State of Israel and increase awareness of its strength and innovation worldwide.

Pitango is proud to nurture and support this important endeavor which brings together the more than 600 life science companies in Israel towards a mutual goal.

For more information about the Israel Life Science Industry, please contact:
Yael Rogel-Fuchs
Executive Manager
ILSI Israel Life Science Industry
Tel: 972.9.971.8180
Fax: 972.9.971.8157

The Maccabim Association Education and Soccer in the Community (R.A.)

Pitango partners Rami Kalish and Aaron Mankovski are founders and active members of the Maccabim Foundation - a non-profit organization of the Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Association. The Maccabim Foundation runs a statewide network of social, educational, and sports programs for Israeli youth from economically disadvantaged areas. Through football leagues and other activities, young people learn the importance of teamwork, fair play, self-discipline, and perseverance-values that will guide them throughout their lives.

For more information about The Maccabim Foundation contact:
Mr. Efi Toledano
106 Ben Zvi Road
Tel-Aviv 61040
P.O.B 4081
Tel : 972.3.6817233
Fax : 972.3.6817242
Cell Efi Toledano 972-506322236

Israel Venture Network

Pitango Venture capital support The Israel Venture Network , a venture philanthropy network of high-tech entrepreneurs and executives from Israel and the U.S. with the goal of increasing Israel's national competitiveness by advancing its educational systems and by promoting other social programs.
For more information contact:

Israel Venture Network
P.O. Box 9232
Tel-Aviv 61092
tel: +972 3 636 2238
fax: +972 3 537 2649

Access Israel

Pitango Venture Capital supports Access Israel , an organization that helps people with physical limitations find the easiest way to get around in Israel.

For more information contact:
Telephone: +972.9.745.1126
Facsimile: +972.9.745.1127

High Tech Industry Association

The High Tech Industry Association is a broad based membership organization with over 150 members. Our mission is to strengthen the Israeli high tech industry across the whole value chain and create a global technological and innovational leadership. The organization will promote the interests of its members across all segments; start up companies, founders and entrepreneurs, small and large technology companies, financial investors, service providers, technological incubators and more.
The High Tech Industry Association will provide its members with a wide range of industry-specific services such as public policy advocacy, professional development, networking events, research publications, PR, business development and more.

The Merage Foundation for U.S.-Israel Trade
The Merage Foundation for U.S.-Israel Trade is dedicated to promoting trade as a vehicle to economic growth in Israel. The Foundation accomplishes this through a number of innovative initiatives, including specialized Leadership Programs concerning U.S. marketing strategies to Israeli executives in the life sciences, security, and IT areas. In addition, top Israeli MBA students are invited to a summer leadership program that emphasizes highly effective approaches to successful marketing, negotiation techniques, applied networking and sales strategies, finance, and legal and procurement issues.
The Bronica Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center
The Bronica Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center was founded to enrich the entrepreneurial culture at the Technion and to become a focal point for all students, faculty and staff wishing to embark on innovation and entrepreneurial activities. Our three pronged mission: teaching, research and outreach, is intended to encourage technological start-ups and enhance relations between academia and industry.